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Data from the forest

More and more exciting data is collected in our ECOSENSE forest:

Since last week, the newly developed leaf sensors are out in the field. They are part of our innovative approach to collect and analyze environmental data in real time. From leaf and ambient temperature to temperature and humidity in the gas sample chamber, we now get detailed insights into the microclimate of our forest.


Furthermore, the eddy covariance system is installed and running on our new 45 m tower in Ettenheim, measuring CO2 fluxes from a mixed forest. 




4th ECOSENSE workshop

On April 11th and 12th, 2024 around 50 ECOSENSE members met at the city of Ettenheim for their 4th workshop. Besides two days of productive project discussions and talks, the project invited the public to get information on the progress of the ongoing research and visit the field site. In particular, we were happy to have pupils from the Gymnasium Ettenheim and their biology teacher joining us. We are very thankful to the mayor of Ettenheim, Bruno Metz, for his welcoming words and his ongoing support.

Workshop April 2024 - 1

            Workshop April 2024 - 2  Workshop April 2024 - 3  Workshop April 2024 - 4  Workshop April 2024 - 5


EASS LogoEASS Conference Energy Autonomous Sensor Systems 2024

Professor Laura Comella is organizing the 12th EASS Conference Energy Autonomous Sensor Systems of the VDE/VDI, which will take place from 19 to 20 March 2024 in Freiburg.

Registration is open and the Call for Papers has started. Papers can be submitted until 13.01.2024.

Topic areas:
- (Ultra) low power electronics
- (Ultra) low power sensor technologies
- Power-saving wireless solutions
- AI in sensor systems
- Data pre-processing in the sensor node
- Harvesters
- Energy storage systems
- Application examples

Please send your abstracts directly to: . Detailed information can be found at:

Science Days 2023ECOSENSE at the Science Days 2023

A team of ECOSENSE-members are at the Science Days 2023 in Rust (, the biggest science festival in Germany, from October 19th to 21st. On this event, the project offers a variety of exhibits to discover to explain the aim of the project to a broad audience of young and older visitors.


3rd ECOSENSE Workshop

On October 10th and 11th, 2023 ECOSENSE members held their 3rd workshop at the monastery in Bühl (Kloster Maria-Hilf). Two days in a nice surrounding were filled with talks and discussions all around the current state of the project and future steps, also focusing on working in smaller and bigger groups to further strengthen the exchange and collaboration between departments.

3rd Workshop Bühl              Group work Bühl

RTG-Retreat 2023_1

Second RTG retreat of the ECOSENSE PhDs

In August 2023, the second annual ECOSENSE RTG retreat has taken place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with our colleagues from KIT Alpin. A detailed report can be found here, please also check the Instagram-account @ecosense-sfb.

ECOSENSE on Instagram

The PhDs of our Research Training Group just opened the new Instagram-account @ecosense-sfb to share their experiences as PhDs, our current research challenges and the idea of ECOSENSE as a whole with interested followers.

QR-Code @ecosense_sfb

Workshop März 2023

 ECOSENSE Spring-Workshop 2023

On March 17th, 2023 ECOSENSE members congregated at the University Library in Freiburg. Besides discussing current topics regarding research and infrastructure, a main focus of the workshop lay in the presentations of the PhD students who gave an overview of their ongoing work.

 First seminar with lecture series of the DFG SFB 1537 ECOSENSE on 26.01.2023 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m

As part of the ECOSENSE seminar, the first seminar of the SFB ECOSENSE will take place  on January, 26th at the Nexus-Lab in IMBIT (Building 201) from 1 to 5 p.m.  This afternoon, the two speakers, Profs. Ulrike Wallrabe and Christiane Werner, will start and give the following two lectures:

    “Microsystem technologies and their outdoor challenges” (Prof. Wallrabe)

    "Impact of tree adaptations on ecosystem processes" (Prof. Werner)

Over a total of 11 double seminars in the summer semester 2023, all members of the CRC ECOSENSE will present the main research areas of their projects. The whole program can be seen here.

RTG Retreat 2022

 First RTG retreat of the ECOSENSE PhDs

In December 2022, the first annual ECOSENSE retreat with 20 members has taken place in the Black Forest. The motto of the retreat was scientific communication to develop a common vocabulary of environmental scientists, engineers and computer scientists. In this context, the RTG (Research Training Group) was introduced to the Ph. D. candidates as a perfect environment to foster interdisciplinary training of doctoral research.

Another item on the agenda was a guided tour through the nature reserve on Feldberg from HAUS DER NATUR. Further, the members of the project visited the University forest and had a deeper insight into the different tree species, their necessities and their functions.